NAIOP’s Government Affairs Committee has climate resilience as one of its key files.  The City has a very comprehensive climate resilience plan which touches almost every department and has had funding ear marked in One Calgary (budget).  There is and increasing amount of policy related to the plan that is slowly being integrated into each department.

In 2018 June, City Council approved the Climate Resilience Strategy which outlines the strategies and actions The City will take over the next 10 years to reduce our contributions to climate change and respond to a changing climate. Calgary’s climate program and Climate Resilience Strategy are located through these links.

As a result of this approved Council policy, for the following application types which will not have a decision by May 15 2020 – all Land Use and Outline Plan applications, all Stream 4 Development Permits, and certain Stream 3 Development Permit applications, Climate Resilience Inventory forms must be submitted in support of a decision on that application. These inventory forms are intended to assist in the evaluation of applications for alignment with the climate policies of the Municipal Development Plan and the Climate Resilience Strategy. These forms are downloadable below for reference. Two supporting Guides on clarification and how to use the forms are also available for reference.

It is also important to note that while The City of Calgary encourages innovation and commitment towards meeting these policy requirements, not all applications will be expected to include features which are highlighted within the new inventory forms. Scale and scope of the project are relevant considerations, and Planning staff will work with you during this review process.

While we recognize these are unprecedented times, advancement of climate resilience components into new developments helps implement approved Council policy, and The City of Calgary is committed to advancement of this important policy initiative. City Staff are committed to working with you throughout this process.

In addition to working with your Planning and Development file manager, we have a dedicated subject matter expert team to assist with inquiries. They can be contacted via email at

I am also here to assist you with any questions and concerns. We look forward to working collaboratively with you on this new initiative.

Kind Regards,

Rick Michalenko, RPP, MCIP
Community Planning North
Planning & Development

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Additional Downloads
Climate Resilience Inventory User Guide Land Use and Outline Plan
Climate Resilience Inventory User Guide Development Permit
Climate Resilience Inventory for Outline Plan and Land Use Fillable
Climate Resilience Inventory for Development Permits Fillable