Volunteering within NAIOP is an excellent way to expand your business network, develop new skills and further your career. A number of volunteer opportunities are available within our chapter and its committees. Please contact, any member of the NAIOP Board of Directors or any Committee Chair to discuss your volunteer options.

Developing Leaders Committee

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Chair: Trevor Potts


This committee works to promote the Developing Leaders program, which targets commercial real estate professionals aged 35 and under. The committee plans for two events each quarter and one large event in the fall. Committee members work in groups of two and take responsibility for planning events, which can range from education to networking to mentorship. Committee members are required to find sponsorship for their own events. The committee meets once per month, or as needed.

Education Committee

Chair: John Fisher

Members: Ryan Sirski 

This committee works to promote education and learning opportunities for NAIOP members.  The committee has formed an educational partnership with the Real Estate Development Institute which offers courses in fall and winter terms at the University of Calgary.  The committee is also responsible for the planning, sponsorship and hosting of the Battle of Alberta Real Estate Challenge between University of Alberta and University of Calgary annually.

Golf Tournament Committee

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Chair: Trevor SawatzkyMark Christensen

Members: TBD

Committee members assist in the planning, organizing, marketing and execution of the annual golf tournament.

Government Affairs Committee

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Chair: Chris Ollenberger


This committee monitors, analyzes and responds to policy issues. In addition to attending three to four committee meetings per year, committee members will be asked to take the lead in tackling particular issues, with oversight and input from the committee chair and the board.

For more information on the Government Affairs Committee or one of their specific issues, please contact the committee chair.