The Centre City Levy is a financial tool that includes both a levy and a charge collected from developers to fund growth-related local public infrastructure within the Centre City Plan Area. The levy portion of the tool is collected to fund utility upgrades through the Centre City Levy Off-site Levy Bylaw 38M2009. The non-utility portion of the tool includes a Council directed charge for infrastructure improvements for transit, alternative transportation, fire, police, recreation, libraries, park upgrades and greenways. Recently, the City advised that to address the current economic situation and to help enable development in the Centre City Plan Area, The City will forgo the non-utility potion of the Centre City Levy if requested as part of the application process.  This request can be made in writing as part of the submission package for either the subdivision or development permit application.  NAIOP’s Government Affairs Committee was a key part of this important discussion with the City on behalf of our members, and we are pleased to pass this information along to you.