Event Starts: December 2020

Dear Colleagues,

2020 has been a year like no other. For the past several years our industry has been working through the significant challenges of a decline in demand for commercial space. Calgary’s downtown office sector has been hit particularly hard by the recession of our energy-based economy. Now the pandemic has forced many of us to work (and shop and otherwise consume) from home. The demand for office and retail space has become even more uncertain. (Industrial demand, driven by warehousing, logistics, and craft breweries appears to be the lone bright spot.)

However, an end to the pandemic is in sight and our forced isolation has made us realize how much we are social beings and how much business is a social endeavour. Soon we will be able to gather again, meet face to face over a coffee or a meal or in a board room. The technology that has accelerated during this pandemic and allowed us to meet and conduct business online will play a greater role in our business interactions but it won’t replace the spontaneity, vitality, and creativity that comes from gathering together.

I am hopeful for our industry. And I am hopeful that NAIOP will soon resume its role where our industry members gather to learn, to celebrate, to advocate, or simply to re-acquaint with colleagues over a drink. We’ll have lots to catch up on.

I would like to thank our members for their continued support. I’d like to thank our NAIOP Board, Committees, and other volunteers for their dedication to our industry. And I’d particularly like to thank our outgoing President, John Fisher, for his thoughtful leadership. John cares about our industry and its people. His significant contributions to NAIOP are just one example.

On behalf of our NAIOP Board and its Committees, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Bob Homersham


NAIOP Calgary