Event Starts:
November 07, 2018

7:30 am - 9:30 am

Calgary Petroleum Club, 319 5th Avenue SW

Cost: Members $70.00 & Non-Members $85.00


Calgary Metropolitan Region Board: Challenges and Opportunities

Presenter:  Chris Sheard, CMRB Chair

The CMRB was established in January 2018 and is mandated to promote the long-term sustainability of the Calgary Metropolitan Region. To fulfill its mandate, the CMRB is required to develop a long-term Growth Plan and Servicing Plan for the Region by January 2021. The Board recently approved an Interim Growth Plan, which will guide intermunicipal land use planning until the long-term Growth Plan and Servicing Plan are approved. Any statutory plan passed or amended by any of the 10 member municipalities after January 1, 2018, must conform with the Interim Growth Plan. This represents a significant departure from the voluntary and at times dysfunctional Calgary Regional Partnership. The CMRB also represents a significant opportunity to advance regional planning. Chris Sheard, former chair of the Capital Region Board, will draw on his extensive and unique experience to map out the opportunities and challenges of regional planning among Calgary and its neighbouring municipalities.