As a result of Calgary’s dynamic economy, property values change frequently and in a more pronounced
way across property types and assessment classifications as compared to market values under more
stable market conditions. Values in one area or amongst one property type, may increase while those in
another may remain stable or decrease. These changes are the result of often dramatic changes in the
economic landscape of the City.

The resulting significant shifts in property assessments and property taxes are of concern to taxpayers as
there are often dramatic changes in their annual property tax bills from year to year which are difficult
to predict.

Given the same tax rate in a market-based assessment system, relative property tax burden then shifts
onto those properties that have experienced the greater relative increase in value – and away from
those properties that have decreased in value.

Through surveys and meetings, Calgary’s business and real estate communities have been asked by HCA
to share their concerns and contribute to innovative, collaborative solutions in the City’s
implementation of fair and equitable property tax policy. This is only one part of a broader direction
from Council to engage with Calgarians and key stakeholders to improve economic resilience in Calgary.
Stakeholders can expect to continue to be engaged in this broader project over the coming weeks and

In the immediate-term, the City has engaged Heuristic Consulting Associates (HCA) to reach out to
Calgary’s business and real estate communities to hear Calgarians’ many perspectives, impacts of the
shifting tax load and ideas for possible short-term mitigation and long-term solutions.
HCA is working with City Administration to identify and complete an initial evaluation of options
identified by Calgarians and resulting from our research of other jurisdictions.

Moving forward, we are inviting representatives from business and real estate stakeholder groups to
participate in one or more workshops near the end of February to:
• validate research findings
• evaluate possible options within existing legislative authorities, as well as the expectations of
• Understand the implications of different options

As a key stakeholder, might I ask if you can recommend representatives from your stakeholder group to
participate in one of those half-day workshops.

Interactive Workshops, including up to 45 participants, begin at 9:00 a.m. on either February 26 or
February 28

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